Accessories for Writing & Display Boards

The perfect accessories to complete your board

We offer numerous accessories to maximize and facilitate the use of your writing & display boards. Brushes, magnets, cleaning products, markers, trays to hold your accessories and much more!

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Round Ceramic Magnet

Round, ceramic 1/2" magnet sold individually. Available in various colours: red, green, black, yellow, blue and white.

Sizes offered: 1/2"


Pawn-shaped Magnet

Pawn-shaped magnet of 3/4" diameter and 1" high. Sold individually. Available in 8 colours: white, black, blue, red, yellow, orange, green and mauve.


Magnet for Glass Boards

Pawn-shaped magnet with powerful magnetism, perfect for glass boards. 15/16" diameter and 1 1/4" height. Available in 2 colours: white or black.

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Magnetic Tray

Magnetic tray in anodized aluminum with ends can be installed quickly and easily on dry erase white boards and chalkboards to serve as a chalk, brush and marker holder.

Widths available: 12" or 24"

Depth: 2 3/4"


12" Magnetic Tray for Glass Boards

12" long magnetic tray in anodized aluminum is perfect for storing dry erase markers and cleaning brushes. Extremely strong magnetism ensures perfect adhesion to your glass board.


Magnetic Box in Black Acrylic

Small magnetic box that is perfect for storing your dry erase markers and cleaning brushes.

Width: 8"

Depth: 4 3/8"

Height: 6 3/8"



Cleaning brushes that are ideal for cleaning all types of writing surfaces.

For chalkboards and dry erase white boards: 3-colour, 5" felt brush with thin wooden handle (D112) and 3-colour, 5" felt brush with thick wooden handle (D113).

For chalkboards: 12" foam brush, Finney brand (D1217).


Magnetic Pica Brush

The magnetic brush from Pica ensures quick and effortless cleaning of your board. It is sold with two washable cleaning cloths (also available separately).



Semi-hard chalk is ideal for writing on our chalkboards. Various chalk colours are available. Sold in boxes of various quantities.



Package of 5 Pilot markers for writing on your dry erase whiteboards and our glass boards. Available colours: black, blue, green, orange and red. Markers and marker refills are also available for individual purchase.