Our Services: Advice, Measurements & Installation

We are specialists in the manufacture of white boards, glass boards, school boards, chalk boards and all kinds of writing and display boards. We offer a wide variety of products that can all be customized to match your needs and preferences. We are here to guide you and advise you in choosing your boards and to help you find your way through the numerous custom options. Our experts can meet with you on-site to discuss your project needs and take exact measurements to manufacture your board according to the available space. We also offer installation services, depending on the installation location.

Installer of boards checking the level of a board

Installing Your Board

If the location allows, our team of experienced installers will travel to your site to install your board exactly as you desire. The installation method is adapted to the type of board and the wall on which it is installed to ensure exact, strong installation as well as impeccable finishing work that will last. Do not hesitate to communicate with us and we will undertake the project management for you.

*Excluding economy boards (single moulding in natural aluminum) and boards with Duolox surface that have a 3-month warranty.

**Normal use means the use of appropriate chalk or markers and performing necessary maintenance to your board according to the recommended maintenance method. To learn more about maintenance methods, please view the document for each of our products on our website. The warranty is limited to surface chipping and cracking.

***Duolox surface warranty is limited to surface chipping and cracking.

Boards Warranty

All of our products are covered by a 12-month warranty against all manufacturing or installation defects starting on the date of delivery.*

All our boards are also covered by a normal use warranty** which varies between 3 months and 50 years depending on the board surface.

Surfaces Warranty
Porcelain 50 years
Glass 50 years
Lauzonite 50 years
Laminite 5 years
Coloured cork 2 years
Natural cork 1 years for 1/8" and 1/4" thickness
Fabric 1 year
Duolox*** 3 month
One of the manufacturing processes at the Canadian Blackboard Company

Our Board Manufacturing Process

Our experts will visit the site where your board is to be installed and take the exact measurements prior to manufacture. Back in the factory, our experienced team builds the surface of your board to meet your needs, use and requirements. Another team then ensures the mouldings and components are carefully installed then prepares the accessories you have chosen. After rigorous board inspection, members of the packing department get busy protecting your board so it is delivered to you in its perfect state, no matter the city of location where it is to be installed.

Raw materials used in the manufacture of quality boards at CBBC

High-Quality Raw Materials

We use only the best raw materials in manufacturing your boards.

Several board options offered at the Canadian Blackboard Company

Various Options of Custom Configuration

We manufacture your custom boards according to your style and needs. Our team also understands the reality of your project. If necessary, they can adapt your board dimensions to fit the space you have available.

Different type of finishes available on boards at the Canadian Blackboard Company

Customized Surfaces to Fit Your Style

We offer various types of surfaces and colour options for your board. Are you looking for a grey, magnetic surface with exact lines and a cork display section? We can make it for you. Contact us to see all possibilities.